Chlorella is a blue green algae that thrives primarily in freshwater in Japan and Taiwan. This algae is loaded with nutrients — it’s packed with protein, antioxidants, minerals, healthy fats, and vitamins. Because of this, it has been a popular food source in much of Asia after the wide-scale growing and cultivating of it kicked off in the last 1950s.

Although chlorella nutritional supplements have been readily available in the United States since the mid 1960s, it has only fairly recently experienced a more far-reaching recognition. This is mostly due to this algae getting upstaged by its saltwater cousin, spirulina.

What Is Chlorella?

Organisms for the most part are multicellular — they are each made up of thousands or even billions of cells. That’s not the case with chlorella — it’s unicellular. Surprisingly, this microscopic, single cell entity features such an abundance of nutrients that it is thought to be one of the most potent natural foods in existence. That’s why nutritionists have given it the characterization of a supergreen.

This algae, that is also called Yaeyama chlorela or chlorelle, is composed of almost 50 percent protein. More notable, it is a complete protein because it holds all of what are known as essential amino acids — the ones that need to acquired from one’s diet as a person’s body does not have the ability to produce them. Chlorella is also rich in several antioxidants, iron, vitamin C, and one other nutrient that has to originate from one’s diet — omega-3 fatty acids.

Health and Wellness Benefits of Chlorella

Chlorella has the ability to enhance a person’s immune system as well as detoxify cells, which leads to the chlorella having the capacity to play a part in the prevention or remedy of a range of health issues.

Chlorella Supports the Immune System

A person’s immune system is a safety system of organs and cells that assist your body in combating infections and diseases by protecting it from factors that may inflict health troubles such as alterations to cells, damaging substances, and germs. Chlorella strengthens the immune system in a few different ways.

growing chlorealla wide scale

The main way chlorella maintains immune health is by amplifying secretory immunoglobulin A, or sIgA, levels. This sIgA is an antibody that acts as the body’s primary defense in shielding opposing organisms and substances such as parasites, viruses, and bacteria from passing through the mucous membranes lining your nose, mouth, and stomach. Having reduced levels of this antibody is actually a quite regular challenge, and chlorella provides the ideal solution.

Chlorella Removes Harmful Toxins

The most significant attribute of chlorella is its capability to purify your body of damaging toxins such as cadmium, pesticides, and nickel. Lead, dioxin, uranium, and many more compounds, are considered to be heavy metals.

Heavy metals are dense, metallic compounds that are poisonous, or toxic, to people — even when present in low levels. Heavy metals exist normally in a number of foods, medications, and the environment in general, so there’s no way one can completely stay clear of direct exposure to them. The human body is equipped to eliminate heavy metals , but this task isn’t instantaneous. Chlorella includes the capability to bind itself with heavy metals and then clear them from one’s body before they get totally absorbed.

Chlorella Improves Skin and Hair

Chlorella has plenty of minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients that supply a great deal of benefit for your skin and hair. Large amounts of vitamins C, B6, B3, B1, and A, along with zinc and calcium, make this algae a great health supplement for anyone wanting to do something about the visual facets of the aging process.

The skin regularly renews itself by replacing skin cells — skin fully regenerates itself every 30 days or so! This algae is a big help in this regard because of Chlorella Growth Factor, a substance in chlorella that is found solely in this particular algae. Chlorella Growth Factor, or CGF, is what makes it possible for this algae to multiply four times on a daily basis. CGF helps promote the quick regrowth of cells, especially skin cells.

The many amino acids existing in this interesting algae increase the generation of collagen in the skin. Raising collagen produces the effect of decreasing lines and wrinkles, and adds to overall healthier skin.

Using Chlorella Nutritional Supplements

Chlorella doesn’t necessarily have a straightforward dosage that’s suggested for every person. Taking 1 to 2 grams per day is common, but some people rely on as little as a 500 mg (a half gram) daily, while other people consume three or more grams per day. Chlorella are basic algae people have been eating for centuries and as a dietary supplement for at least the last few decades, and is considered to be safe and well-tolerated — in fact there are many nutrition-conscious folks dose with up to ten grams every day without negative side effects.

This algae is not stimulating, so you will be able to consume it at any time of the day, including just before going to bed. If you get the supplement as a capsule or tablet consume it before a meal, with a large glass of water. If you get the algae in powder form then it’s bet to add some to your favored juice or mix it in alongside other ingredients in a shake.